June 14, 2019 – Atlanta, GA – We opened our doors to our new dojo and ready to continue the legacy of Kyushinkan Dojo.  With over 72 tatamis (about 1,200 square feet of mat space) available for practice, it’s big enough to host international seminars, yet small enough to build a community of aikidoka.

It was truly a communal effort.  Goodman sensei lead the way through the intricate and behind-the-scenes maze of contract negotiations.  Hodge sensei took the lead on the construction bringing in professionals and community members to get the job done in just under six weeks.  Members donated  their time on both weekdays and weekends to help with construction, but also their talents.  Some helped with tasks like framing, using power tools, scaling ladders and scaffolding, while others did the jobs like caulking, sweeping, clearing debris.  All done with commitment and heart which is the hallmark of a community.